Offer Rangecast  on Your News Web Site
A Live and Interactive Local Scanner

An excellent way to attract readers to your public news web sites is to provide live and interactive local police and fire radio traffic. It provides active and exciting local content.

With a live scanner your audience will know that anytime they hear a siren or see a police car or fire engine race down their street they can turn to your web site to hear what's going on. And, if they missed the action, with a click of a mouse they can back in time to learn what happened in their neighborhood.

Rangecast is a perfect complement to a "Live Breaking News" or "Crime" page.  You select which communities you wish to offer on the public site.  For your newsroom staff you can provide complete access to local, county and State Police communications via Rangecast.  They can use this at the office, on the road or at home simply by bringing up a web browser.

Here are some of Gatehouse Media's local websites.
Click to visit their embedded Rangecast players.

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