Scanner Master

Our staff began selling scanners and accessories to news media outlets over 30 years ago. Over that time we've become very familiar with the needs and challenges of TV/radio assignment desks and newspaper photo and city desks. We know that . . .
  • Scanners have become more complex and difficult to manage and monitor
  • Public safety radio systems have become more complex and hard to follow
  • Interns and new staff or staff not experienced in scanners are baffled how to operate the radios and find particular channels
  • Managing one scanner is hard enough but the cacophony of four, five or a dozen scanners is unmanageable
  • At the same time you want to receive and process as much public safety radio traffic as possible
  • Sometimes due to the craziness at the desk you miss the address of an important incident or other valuable piece of information that has come over the scanners
  • Due to interference, reduced power and narrowbanding of police and fire radio and an ever growing need to cover more area, you can no longer monitor your entire market area
  • Some newsrooms wish to have the scanner play loud enough for multiple reporters and editors to hear; other stations want scanners at multiple desks
  •  Staffers will often times lock out channels or try to program channels and make a complete mess of the radio programming.
  •  And this is just the beginning of the challenges . . .
Rangecast solves all these problems and more.
  • Anyone can learn to use Rangecast in minutes, whether an intern or someone very experienced with scanners. If you can manage a web browser you can manage Rangecast.
  • All scanner radio traffic from multiple scanners is queued up so that you're not assaulted with audio from three, four, five or more scanners at one time. However you can use multiple USB sound ports with Rangecast if you prefer to have multiple speakers going with unique content on each.
  • With our unique MultiSync technology we maximize the amount of radio traffic that is received, far more so than with a typical bank of scanners.
  • With our "Go Back in Time" feature you can, with one click of a mouse, go back in time and find that address of the major fire or the location of a major accident. We actually archive from one to thirty days depending on your needs.
  • We can work with your engineers to set-up remote feed sites at transmission or microwave tower sites or at remote news bureaus. With remote sites you can monitor your entire market area with excellent clarity.
  • Because Rangecast is web-based anyone you designate on your staff can listen to the scanners from any desk just with a simple web browser. What one photographer listens to and what he has locked out does not affect anyone else listening to the same set of radios. Each staffer can have their own "Profile" of channels which is launched automatically each time they log in.
Newsrooms that have implemented Rangecast wonder how they got along without it. We're confident that you'll feel the exact same way.

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