This player presents a live, realtime, selection of channels from San Diego.

Most players in this demonstration set present content that has been delayed by one hour.  Professional users can access live content without this delay, as presented here.

Like any system utilizing network communications, the Rangecast system necessarily introduces a very small time delay.  Each transmission is posted to the network immediately upon the end of transmission, and from that point, network latency and buffering time is usually under 10 seconds.

For some applications, a delay in the distribution of audio may be desirable.  For example, a time delay allows for automated public release of information after the conclusion of immediate operations, or allows for grades of service (such as a newsroom having live access to public safety channels, but releasing only time-delayed content on public websites). Rangecast requires a slight delay on most audio that is made available to non-professional uses.
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After special events, a Rangecast player can be configured to bring the listener directly to the start of a pre-recorded series of transmissions.  This brings the versitility of the Rangecast media player to archival content - including dynamic channel selection, easy replay, and the ability to move back and forth in time.  In effect, this lets the user put himself into the archived event, and if many channels are involved, select from them to review what happened from many perspectives.

For example, you can click on the photos above to access samples of archival content from various real-world situations.  The links will take you to a space shuttle launch in Florida, a police chase in Nevada, a house fire in Massachusetts, a plane crash in California, and a car race in Nevada.