Rangecast is a fully customizable police scanner solution for generating personal home security leads throughout virtually any service territory. 

In the example to the right, police only frequencies are instantly retrieved from scanners strategically placed throughout the Boston, Massachusetts area.  Each transmission is layered one after another for easy detection of a street addresses and any subsequent information necessary to understand the extent of the home security opportunity.

With the correct ratio of scanners to frequencies, nearly 100% of the transmissions 100% of the time can be captured.  Of course identifying an opportunity to sell a security system is important, but knowing the details can mean the difference between time well spent or not.

There are many unique and valuable features to the Rangecast Home Security Lead Generation System:

Rangecast can be customized

Rangecast is equipped to customize your listening experience.  Police departments can be grouped together based upon any criteria you choose, or each given their own button on the player.  Filter out and focus your listening only to those areas or frequencies you want, without ever preventing audio from being recorded. 

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Go back in time with Rangecast

Don't have time to listen to fire transmissions from your scanners all day and night?  Rangecast will record your police transmissions, and in turn your home security leads, automatically for a day, multiple days, or even a month so that you never miss an opportunity to earn business.

Rangecast is available nearly everywhere

Want to listen to your scanner from your home?  How about your office?  Maybe from your Android cell phone?  ANYWHERE you have an internet connected computer you can access the audio from your scanners virtually live. 

Rangecast is easy to use

Whether you are listening to the online scanner such as shown above or log into your own personalized website to pull a spreadsheet-like list of fire transmissions from our easily accessible Transmission Log, the fire leads you need to grow your business are at your fingertips. 

Rangecast is automated

Would you like to be notified if a transmission has been captured by your system, one which could be a lead?  Rangecast will send you and email each time a long transmission is recorded by your system.  Just click the link to hear the fire transmission from just about any cell phone or computer.

Note:  The Rangecast player on this unrestricted demonstration page presents delayed audio, which is not sufficient for professional applications. Professional customers have access to a live feed.  As with any network service, Rangecast cannot guarantee 100% uptime.  For mission-critical applications, we will work with your IT department to minimize risk.
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This demonstration player features public safety communications from Massachusetts, delayed by one hour..