At a college or university, security is essential.  Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to family, and peace of mind is what Rangecast offers.  College and university campus security needs to know not just what is happening on school grounds, but also the surrounding areas as well in order to ensure the safety of students.  From criminal behavior to severe weather, being prepared at the earliest moment could mean the difference between safety and tragedy.

Rangecast is more than just audio:

Rangecast technology will aggregate any audio source into one easily accessible and use online media player.

Rangecast is real time information about what is happening on campus, locally, and beyond.  Wherever you can place a radio and internet connected computer, you can hear local public safety information and communications online.

Alpha tagged transmissions for every frequency available.  Know where transmissions are originating including the state, county, and even local town or city.

Filtering systems that will allow for targeted listening to entire regions or only certain cities and towns.

Portability:  Rangecast can be heard on an Android phone and anywhere there is an internet connected PC.

Scalability:  Rangecast can support from as few as a couple of scanners to thousands.

Recording:  Audio is stored to ensure details are captured.

Rangecast can be customized:  Rangecast is equipped to customize your listening experience.  Fire, police, and EMS frequencies can be grouped together based upon any criteria you choose, or each given their own button on the player.  Filter out and focus your listening only to those areas or frequencies you want, withoutever preventing audio from being recorded. 

Whether you are responsible for a college campus in a rural town or major city, parents will appreciate and you will benefit from the unique and powerful capabilities of Rangecast.
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Note:  The Rangecast player on this unrestricted demonstration page presents delayed audio, which is not sufficient for professional applications. Professional customers have access to a live feed.  As with any network service, Rangecast cannot guarantee 100% uptime.  For mission-critical applications, we will work with your IT department to minimize risk.
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This demonstration player features public safety communications from Massachusetts, delayed by one hour..