Rangecast can distribute any kind of intermittent audio communications. The examples on this demonstraton website typically illustrate our technology with audio captured from two-way radio systems, such as fire and police dispatch channels broadcast "in the clear" and available to the general public.  But the same principles of recording and delivery can be applied to other kinds of audio sources.

For example, some public safety communications systems use audio encryption when broadcast over the airwaves.  Receivers for encrypted audio may be more expensive, or otherwise cumbersome to use (e.g. siting requirements).  With Rangecast, a professional customer can feed the audio output from such a speciailized receiver into our audio distribution network, and use a Rangecast player to monitor the encrypted channel from computer consoles throughout a business or organization.  This can bring the content to a significant number of people who would otherwise have no practical access to the physical receiver, for security or logistical reasons.  Rangecast offers full end-to-end encryption, and security restrictions to prevent access by any individuals who have not been given specific authorization to receive the content.

Also, Rangecast can capture audio from a PC microphone, and feed the audio directly into the system like any other channel.  This can be useful in educational environments, such as online classroom education.  When combined with the "go back" ability to monitor prior recordings, Rangecast can help enable collaborative education or professional projects, without everyone being present at the same time for an online class or conference. This same technology could even be used as a baby monitor, or home security system.  The possibilities are endless.

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