In emergencies coordination and situational awareness can be critical.  If you own a private ambulance service, you can improve your response times and reactions to events that occur in your service territory by hearing the circumstances unfold as they happen.  Why wait for dispatch to start on your way?  System response times are a key measurement of performance for nearly all private ambulance contracts.  Rangecast is a customizable fire and police scanner solution that can have you on the road at the earliest possible moment with real time radio transmissions from any internet connect computer.

Rangecast is more than just audio:

Earn new contracts by showing a unique and powerful competitive advantage.

Keep the contracts you presently have by performing beyond expectations.

Learn the details of each emergency as they become available by hearing real time information from your Android phone or globally connected laptop.

Go back in time to confirm information.

Listen to every transmission available, filter out short transmissions, or listen in scanner mode in which only the newest and timely transmissions are hear

Rangecast can be customized:  Rangecast is equipped to customize your listening experience.  Fire departments can be grouped together based upon any criteria you choose, or each given their own button on the player.  Filter out and focus your listening only to those areas or frequencies you want, without ever preventing audio from being recorded. 

Rangecast technology puts you in control.  Ambulance services can be on their way before being dispatched, saving more lives and being an invaluable resource to their community.  Prehospital emergency medical care and transport services utilizing Rangecast technology offer a huge advantage in service and response time. Meeting EMS performance requirements can be a challenge, but knowing at the earliest moment in time that EMS services are needed as well as many of the details required to be as prepared as possible, performing at peak performance has never been easier.

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Ambulance dispatch center using Rangecast to monitor wide-area fire departments.
Note:  The Rangecast player on this unrestricted demonstration page presents delayed audio, which is not sufficient for professional applications. Professional customers have access to a live feed.  As with any network service, Rangecast cannot guarantee 100% uptime.  For mission-critical applications, we will work with your IT department to minimize risk.
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This demonstration player features public safety communications from Massachusetts, delayed by one hour..