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[FAQ-1263] INDEX - Rangecast Player - Modes of Operation

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Topics related to how the player works in time (staying current, and accessing history)


[FAQ-1302] Monitoring Mode

Monitoring mode ensures that the player stays near real-time (does not fall into the past, even if there is more content than can be played.)

[FAQ-1303] History Mode

In History mode, the Rangecast player will play every transmission from selected channels and passing through any applied selection filters. (That is, nothing is skipped to stay current.) At low loads, this is a reasonable way to listen to current content, since even if the player falls back behind realtime it will catch up. This mode is also necessary when going back in time to review a prior event.

[FAQ-1304] Snapshot Mode

In Snapshot Mode, the Rangecast player takes a frozen snapshot of all transmissions (from selected channels) previously recorded during a certain period of time, and makes this snapshot available for review on the Transmissions Panel. This is useful for reviewing an event, because the list of transmissions is static in this mode.

[FAQ-1305] Leading Edge mode

Leading Edge mode disables all audio buffering in the player, to play transmissions as close to realtime as technically possible, but with significant performance impacts (transmissions will be needlessly skipped) that make the mode not recommended.

[FAQ-1306] Replay Mode

Replay Mode, instead of choosing new transmssions, sequentially steps backwards through whatever has most recently been played on the Rangecast player.



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