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Topics related to the Rangecast Player (and the system architecture that makes the player possible)


[FAQ-1149] Chain of settings that brings content from the air to a player

For broadcast content to pass from the air (on a broadcast channel) to the Rangecast media player (on a user's PC or tablet), there is a chain of settings that must be successfully navigated. On the monitoring side, the broadcast channel must be monitored by a radio scanner connected to Rangecast, the operator of the scanner must grant distribution rights to an administrator (if they are not the same), who issues a License giving access permissions to the user. On the user's side, the user must request content by referencing a World name (analogous to a website address in a browser, selecting certain content from the full universe of channels available through Rangecast) and then using their Rangecast media player to select or de-select channels for reception.

[FAQ-1150] How to determine the license, world, and username currently used by HTML5 player

On the Tech Details page of the HTML5 player, a report shows technical details of the current Rangecast connection and player configuration. This report includes information about the license, world, and username under which the player is presently operating.



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