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[FAQ-1260] Recording consent for receiving SMS from Rangecast (or stopping SMS delivery)



SMS delivery from Rangecast will require a record of user consent to receive messages, as a telecom requirement for businesses that send frequent messages (especially when including links.) This is done to limit or prevent SMS spam from unwanted senders. This document describes the process required for establishing consent to receive messages from Rangecast. (Also described is how to stop SMS message delivery.)


IMPORTANT: For reliable SMS delivery, we are moving from our current originating number (a standard 10-digit phone number) to a "short code" (5-digit phone number). Some mobile carriers block frequent messages from 10-digit phone numbers that include links (possible spam) and this has affected some customers. Messages from short codes have gone through approval processes with wireless carriers that make the service more reliable for this kind of application.

We will be switching over all users at once to the new system, but before we can do that, we must have all customers send a text message (SCAN to 21000) to record their consent to receive SMS messages from Rangecast. Once all customers have done this, we will then switch to the new system. So the process described below will not result in immediate use of the new system for your messages, but is an essential step that will let us make that transition as soon as possible.


1) If you want to start receiving SMS alerts from Rangecast:

a) To authorize receiving SMS from Rangecast, text "SCAN" to 21000. This establishes your consent to receive messages.

b) After that is complete, Rangecast must add your phone number to the distribution list for alert messages.

Note: the originating number (21000) is a text messaging service used by many businesses. If you ask to be removed from the contact list of some other business by sending STOP to 21000, this may block SMS from Rangecast, and at that point you may need to repeat the signup process to restore our ability to send you messages.

2) If you want to stop receiving messages from Rangecast at your phone number:

Contact Rangecast, and request that your phone number be removed from the subscription list. As soon as we update our records, our system will cease sending SMS alerts to your phone number.

Note: you can immediately block further messages by texting STOP to 21000. However, doing this may interfere with your ability to recieve wanted messages from other businesses, because the originating number (21000) is a text messaging service used by many companies. So if you want to stop receiving our messages, it's a cleaner solution to contact us, and have us remove your number from our records. We do not intentionally send any text messages except to paid subscribers who wish to receive SMS alerts.

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