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[FAQ-1233] BIOS configuration for automatic power-up of PC when power is restored



If a customer supplies a feed site PC, for reliability of operation, the customer may need to adjust a BIOS setting so that the PC will automatically power up when power is restored after a power outage. BIOS settings cannot be made remotely, and the specific process varies by make and model, consult manuals that come with your PC hardware for more information.


BIOS is a core element of a PC, a foundation layer below the operating system (Windows).

Changes to BIOS settings cannot be made remotely. BIOS changes are made when the PC is started, before the operating system (Windows) is launched. Remote desktop software runs within the context of Windows, and therefore cannot be used to access BIOS.


If you turn off and unplug your PC, then reconnect power, observe if the PC boots up automatically. If so, this FAQ does not apply. If the PC remains powered off, and only starts when you press a power button, then this BIOS change is necessary.


In operation, a Rangecast feed site PC should power up automatically when power is restored. This ensures that, after a power outage, the PC will turn itself on.

Most PCs have a configuration option that controls whether the PC will power on when power is applied (or if the PC will remain off until a power button is manually pushed.)

This configuration option is in the BIOS. If a customer supplies a PC, the customer may need to adjust this setting. Rangecast cannot provide guidance about how to view change this setting, because the specific process depends upon the version of BIOS installed on your PC. The specific process varies by brand and model, you may consult manuals that come with the PC hardware.



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