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[FAQ-1218] Error message: UNASSIGNED RADIO DETECTED (Code 54)

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The 'Unassigned Radio Detected' warning indicates that a radio is attached to the PC, but does not presently have an assigned Rangecast ID for participating in the Rangecast system. The scanner is likely intended to be part of Rangecast, and should be set up for service by assigning an ID. Note - this warning may be reported from a specific Rangecast ID, but the warning is not about that particular scanner - it's that the software has detected an additional scanner attached to the same PC.


This warning does not indicate a problem with the specific scanner reporting the message. Instead, the software running the named scanner is serving as a messaging service, sending notification that an additional scanner - which does not have an assigned Rangecast ID - has been found attached to that particular PC.

The scanner should be assigned a Rangecast ID through the Configuration screen on the Rangecast software running on the feed site PC.

Launch Rangecast via the desktop icon, and then press Configuration. Wait for the software to search for attached hardware. One of the scanners will be listed without an identity; enter the desired ID, then press Save. The hardware scan will refresh, to verify correct results. Wait for that scan to complete, then close the Rangecast software, and relaunch normally.



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