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[FAQ-1216] Error message: FREQUENT RESTARTS (Code 35)

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'Frequent Restarts' means that the PC has been reset several times during 24 hours, so something has interfered with solid uninterrupted operation. This does not mean there is an ongoing problem, but it may be a helpful indicator of some anomaly that may be revealed with further inspection.


Frequent Restarts does not necessarily indicate a problem, but if the cause of the resets is not evident, the message does suggest that some inspection of the PC function may be warranted.

Some resets are normal. The Rangecast software detects several error conditions that may occur related to the Windows audio management system, the USB system and interface, network connectivity, and other subsystems of the PC. If a problem is detected, the software may trigger an automatic reboot, since that is often the most effective way to clear certain issues. These are usually transient random events, not indicative of any underlying problem needing maintenance or repairs.

Statistically, it sometimes happens that several such events may occur in a short time, triggering the Frequent Restarts warning. Therefore the warning does not necessarily indicate any abnormal operation.

For certain network connectivity problems, the Rangecast software may attempt to reboot the PC during an outage, on the chance that there is a problem that would be cleared by a reboot. But if the issue is upstream from the PC, obviously reboots will not make a difference. Therefore an Internet outage that lasts several hours will likely result in a Frequent Restarts warning, when the problem did not relate to the PC at all.

But a persistent Frequent Restarts warning may indicate some instability or unreliability that requires maintenance to correct.

Windows logs would usually indicate that there were software-initiated reboots. This does not indicate that the software is the cause of the problem; it means that the Rangecast software detected a problem and commanded the automatic reboots. Rangecast logs the trigger conditions that were detected, but these logs have almost never been useful for diagnosing a root cause.



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