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[FAQ-1208] Error message: MULTISYNC LATENCY (Code 17)

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Multisync is a system that coordinates the scanning activity between multiple scanners that operate as a cluster (co-operatively scanning the same channels.) Successful use of Multisync depends upon low-latency (fast) communication between the PCs that control these scanners. If there is an extended period when the communications time between PCs exceeds one-half second, the 'Multisync Latency' warning is issued to draw attention to this condition.


If the communication between PCs becomes too slow, then when a transmission is received, multiple scanners may start to record the transmission without knowing that other scanners are already taking the job of recording that channel. As a result, a single transmission may tie up multiple scanners (for a short period), resulting in the cluster of scanners not detecting or recording other simultaneous transmissions. Therefore, the possible problem caused by this issue is a failure to record some traffic.


The 'Multisync Latency' warning message does not indicate that anything has actually gone wrong with the Multisync system; the scanners on different PCs are still in communication and co-operatively scanning their channels. But the slow communication between PCs can result in reduced performance, and if the problem persists, may indicate a network problem that should be addressed to improve performance. Rebooting feed site PCs is a reasonable first step, to see if that may clear the issue.

The problem may occur for two different reasons.

a) One of the PCs in the cluster may be operating slowly - for example, some software or process may be running on a PC that consumes 100% of CPU or disk access resources, leaving insufficient processor time for successfully operating the real-time Multisync service. A problem on any one PC in the cluster may affect others operating in the same cluster, since the PCs are necessarily intercommunicating to co-ordinate scanner operations.

A Multisync communications problem relates only to PCs that are operating under a specific feed site number (that is, inter-PC communication is only needed between the PCs controlling scanners co-operatively scanning with each other.) This relates to feed site PCs only - this problem does not relate to any PC where the Rangecast player is being used.

b) The network connecting these PCs may be experiencing high latency or severe bandwidth limitations, interfering with the ability of the PCs to co-ordinate scanning activity. In most cases, the PCs operating scanners for a specific feed site number will be co-located and communicating via a LAN (Local Area Network), so the Multisync communication is not going over the broader Internet. If this applies to your configuration, then the potential network issue to investigate relates to LAN performance.



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