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[FAQ-1196] Error message: Duplicate Sender ID (Code 66, or Code D)

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Each scanner in the Rangecast system must be given a unique ID. If two scanners are simultaneously online using the same ID, this is considered an error condition (duplicate scanner ID). One of the scanners must be renamed.


The first step is to identify the two physical scanners with the same operating Rangecast ID. (An ID has the form hub-feedsite-scanner, e.g. example-10-A)

When you have identified the scanners, you must select one of the scanners to rename. This is done by launching the Rangecast software, pressing Configuration, waiting for the hardware polling to complete, entering a new ID for one of the scanners, and then pressing Save.

This error may occur when a scanner is moved from one PC to another PC, but the Rangecast software on the first PC is not informed of this fact. In this case, Rangecast on the first PC will launch a software instance for the scanner expected there, which will report "RADIO MISSING" (as the physical scanner cannot be detected.) The Configuration screen must be used to remove the scanner as an expected scanner on that PC. This is done by unchecking the checkbox in the left column, on the row that shows the sender ID, then pressing Save.



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