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[FAQ-1191] Error Message: No Audio Port HNP (Code 43)

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On rare occasion, a feed site PC appears to be incapable of supporting more than three radio scanners. The reason is unknown. When this occurs, one of the audio inputs produces unacceptable results. This error message indicates the condition.


HNP is likely due to limited resources at some specific bottleneck inside either the USB system or Windows Audio system. The issue is not caused by high CPU load or memory usage, so a check of these PC resources will usually show as normal.


For more information about the issue (named HNP for Horrible Noise Problem):

[FAQ-1063] RCX Severe Audio Distortion Problem

This URL contains a short sample: http://rangecast.com/resource/hnp.mp4

Note: This is NOT the same as the "NO AUDIO PORT" message, which indicates that the audio port could not be located. The HNP condition makes it impossible to correctly detect one of the audio ports, hence the similarity in the names of the error message; but HNP is a distinct condition, and the information in this FAQ is NOT relevant for the normal "NO AUDIO PORT" (no mention of HNP) error message.



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