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[FAQ-1190] Error message: NO ANTENNA (Code 44)

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The NO ANTENNA error message is an indication that the scanner may not have an antenna connected, a circumstance that can result in no signal reception. However, this test (for the presence of particular expected signals) may be a false indication, especially if filters are present on the antenna line.


A possible failure mode for a radio receiver is that the antenna may become disconnected. To check for this possibility, the Rangecast software tests the signal strength of the NOAA Weather Radio beacon signal, and other continuous signals such as trunking control channels.

If none of these continuous signals are detected with a significant signal strength, the software raises a NO ANTENNA alarm indicating that the antenna may be absent or disconnected.

However, this is not a conclusive test. For example, if bandpass filters exclude signals from certain bands, then the tested signals may be absent due to filtering. Therefore, this error message does not necessarily indicate that a real problem exists.

If there is adequate reception from this scanner, that is a strong indication that the antenna is OK.



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