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[FAQ-1188] Error message: NO PROGRAMMING (Code 34)

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Each originating hub creates a programming file, assigning reception of particular channels to particular receive sites (feed sites). Each scanner is assigned to a specific feed site. If the programming fails to assign any channels to a feed site with active scanners, then those scanners will not be programmed to receive any channels, and therefore cannot contribute usefully to the scanner network. The "NO PROGRAMMING" error message indicates this condition.


There are two possible solutions for a NO PROGRAMMING error message:

a) In the online programming system, broadcast channels may be assigned to the feed site

In case (a), note that it is possible that no content was assigned to this scanner because other scanners have better reception of all channels, so there is nothing advantageous to receive on this scanner with existing hardware.

However, in many cases, the scanner may have been overlooked or temporarily decommissioned. For example, if a feed site is offline for an extended time, the channels best received there may be temporarily assigned to other scanners. Then, when the feed site is brought back online, no channels will be assigned to it. In this circumstance, the error message can be considered a reminder to restore the normal programming for this feed site.

b) In the feed site software, on the Configuration screen, the scanner may be reassigned to a different feed site number

In case (b), note that it is advantageous for all scanners participating in a feed site to have similar hardware (antennas, filters, etc). If the scanner being reassigned has different kinds of hardware, it is possible that content was assigned elsewhere because this scanner does not have good reception conditions for those signals. So if shifting a scanner to a different operational feed site number, try to harmonize the reception conditions so this scanner can participate equally with other existing scanners.



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