Rangecast FAQ

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"Application Resources Limited" means that, at some point in recent hours, the Rangecast software has not been granted sufficient CPU resources to sustain normal communications with the scanner. This is almost always a transient issue not requiring any maintenance or corrective action, but if sustained may point to problems with the PC.


The Rangecast software normally communicates with the scanner at regular intervals (many times a second.) If there is a substantial gap in communications, due to the Rangecast software not being granted sufficient CPU execution time by the operating system, then the communications with the scanner may be disrupted, resulting in the loss of transmissions while the software/scanner are not in communications.


This error message dates from the late 2000s, when PCs generally had lower capability, and the message was an indication that the PC might have insufficient resources to run the number of scanners currently connected. However, with improvements in PC technology, this is almost never an issue in the present day.

In practice, most reports of "Applications Resources Limited" are now due to temporary high-load conditions on the PC, such as a Windows update, or flaky internet conditions that stall software engaged in network communications. Temporary issues of this kind are annoying, but do not call for maintenance or corrective action.

If "Application Resources Limited" is seen frequently, this may indicate a chronic problem. Windows "Task Manager" may be used to investigate PC loads, and identify software that may be overloading the PC.

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