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[FAQ-1175] How to get the Anydesk ID of a feed site PC



Anydesk is remote desktop software that may be installed on Rangecast feed site PCs to facilitate remote maintenance. Each PC is identified with a unique 9-digit number, called the Anydesk ID. On PCs where Anydesk is installed, the ID may be found in a text file. Alternatively, IDs may be found on the hub's Status Page.


Method 1: On a feed site PC,

a) Open the SENDER folder on the desktop

b) Look for the file "rc-anydesk.txt"

c) If this file is present, double-click to open, and read the 9-digit number at the start of the text file. This is the PCs Anydesk ID.

If this file is not present, Anydesk has not been installed.


Method 2: On the Status Page for the hub, Senders tab, look at the "PC ID" column on the row corresponding to a scanner on the feed site PC. If there is a 9-digit number shown, this is the PCs Anydesk ID. This field populates automatically once Rangecast software is running on PCs where Anydesk has been installed.


Method 3: On the Status Page directory, click Systemwide Notes. All PCs with Anydesk installed will be listed, with their Anydesk IDs.

Note: PCs which have not yet been used as a Rangecast feed site will be shown at the end of this list, with their Anydesk ID in braces, e.g. {123456789}. The name of the PC will be shown to the right, e.g. 171201GEN1. This may be used to locate a PC which has been deployed with Anydesk installed, but not yet made operational as a Rangecast feed site.


Rangecast representatives may establish a remote desktop connection to a PC using its unique 9-digit ID, by launching the Anydesk software, going to New Connection, entering the 9-digit ID in the field titled "Remote Desk", and pressing connect. (Access will require a password, it is not possible to connect to the PC without a password.)

Note that this method may be used to connect to a newly deployed PC that is not yet registered in the Address Book.



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