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[FAQ-1163] Error message: Check XYNT Service (Code 41)

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The XYNT service is not in the correct state (not installed when it should be, or installed when it should not be.) Rangecast software does not have sufficient permissions to repair this issue automatically, so manual action is needed to bring XYNT to the correct state. When installed, XYNT is used to start Rangecast on PCs where it is not possible to automatically start applications at bootup.


This error message means that either:

a) the XYNT service is not installed on the PC when it should be (so that Rangecast automatically starts as a service on the PC before any user logs in), or

b) the XYNT service is installed on the PC, when it should not be (Rangecast configuration on the PC has been set to disable the service, but it is still running)

In essence, XYNT is not in the correct state. Installing or uninstalling XYNT sometimes requires system privileges not available to the Rangecast software, requiring user action to execute a command on the PC manually.


1) Stop any Rangecast software that may be running

[FAQ-1088] How to stop Rangecast software on a feed site PC (temporary stop, not decommission)

Rangecast software on a feed site PC includes a "watchdog" process that monitors for software faults, and may automatically relaunch the software if it is not closed correctly. The correct way to stop Rangecast is to click the Rangecast icon, and then press the Stop button.

2) Start Rangecast, press Configuration, and wait for the search for external hardware process to complete. The text "Port tests complete" will appear in the upper-left.

3) Check the Special Settings box, and see if the command "boot=2" is present. Then:

a) if "boot=2" is present, install XYNT

b) if "boot=2" is not present, uninstall XYNT

To install or uninstall XYNT as directed:

[FAQ-1162] Installing or Uninstalling XYNT as Administrator

When installing or uninstalling Rangecast as a service (an unusual mode of operation that lets Rangecast operate at bootup even if the PC cannot automatically launch applications), it is sometimes necessary to run a command in a Windows command window with elevated privileges.




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