Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1158] How to access a Rangecast player, to listen to communications traffic carried on the Rangecast network



Rangecast is currently only available for professional applications. If you are a member of a business that is a Rangecast customer, your hub administrator can create usernames within your Rangecast system, or provide a bookmark URL to launch a player into a certain user account.

In some markets, public access is available through local-interest players embedded in the websites of media partners.


There are several ways to access Rangecast content:

1) If you have a Rangecast username and password for HTML5, you can launch a player which provides an interactive environment for selecting channels and listening to content. To login with your username and password at the Rangecast HTML5 portal:


2) If you have been given a "bookmark URL" that directly launches a HTML5 player into a specific user account, and you can use this URL like any other Internet address -- for example as a bookmark in your web browser, or as a link in a webpage, or as a shortcut on your desktop.

3) If you have a Rangecast username and password for Java, you may login at the Rangecast home page https://www.rangecast.com/ to launch a Java player

4) If you have a Rangecast username and password for Java, you may login at the Rangecast Control Panel and click on "Transmission Log" for a list of individual transmissions (as a plain HTML webpage, with links to separate audio files for each transmission).

5) If you have access to the status page (technical report about a hub's performance), you can listen to transmissions as individual files on the Packets tab, or focus on transmissions on specific channels by navigating through the Channels tab

6) In selected regions, our media partners have embedded a Rangecast player in their own website, with a selection of channels of interest to the local market.



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