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[FAQ-1152] How to change the alternate tags for a channel



Channels are usually described by the text tags from the nationwide channel database. The hub administrator (for the hub originating the content) can associate "alternate" text for the channel, which may be used in place of the database text description on the player. Alternate text tags may be set or changed through the HTML5 programmer.


1. Access Hub Administration for the originating hub (the hub that controls the programming of the scanners receiving the channel)

2. Go to the Save Options tab, and the drop-down select "Edit Java Fields". (This option allows access to data fields intended for compatibility with the older Java player.)

3. Go to the Channels tab, and find the channel that you want to modify.

4. Click on the Channel ID (CID column). You should see a page like this:

Note: If you want to set the alternate text tags for multiple channels, you may instead navigate to a channel list where all the desired channels are listed at once.

5. Enter the desired alternate tag (system/group/channel fields). To remove the alternate tag from a field, simply clear the field.

Note: If you want a field to display as blank in the alternate tag, enter the text "_blank". An empty text box is interpreted as "make no change to this field".

Note: If you want to delete the alternate tag in a field, enter the special value / (forward slash). To clear all the alternate tag from all three fields (system, group, channel) enter / in each of these boxes.

6. Select the checkbox on the left side of the channel information.

Note: If you're viewing a channel list with more than one channel, select the checkboxes for the channels you want to affect, and ensure other channels are unchecked.

7. Press Apply Changes

Tip: If you are setting the same system/group alternate tags for multiple channels but using different alternate tags in the channel field, do these in one operation, then do the channel tags one at a time (mark the checkbox and enter the text for one channel, apply changes, then do the channel field for the next channel, etc.)

8. Go to the Save Options tab, and Save

Note: there is a bulk entry method available, if entering alternate tags for a large number of channels at once.

[FAQ-1143] Bulk entry of hub-specific metadata associations to channels programmed for reception

When scanners under control of a hub receive channels, the description of those channels comes primarily from the nationwide RCDB. A hub administrator can supplement the description, as applied to the reception from those scanners. Such information can be entered through the user interface, for one or more channels selected via checkbox. Alternatively, such information may be entered in bulk from a text file prepared outside the programming website. This document describes the bulk method.

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