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[FAQ-1146] How to change a button label in a World



In some display modes, channels (or bundles of channels grouped onto a single button) are represented with a short text description (much shorter than the full name of the channel). These names can be edited, and then saved as part of the definition of a World.


1) Launch the Rangecast HTML5 player, and access the World you want to edit (or that you want to use as a template for a new World)

Note: on the Options page, the "Control of Channels" selection must not be "Toggle Only" because it is impossible to mark channels in that mode. The "Quick Bar" selection is recommended as an alternative.

2) (Optional) Press 'pause' to prevent playback. This prevents the player from highlighting channels as they are played, providing a more stable visual display for selecting channels that you want to relabel.

3) Go to either the Editor (off Options).

Note: instead of using the Editor screen, essentially the same process can also be done from the Channels or Grid tabs, as described at the end of this section.

4) Locate the row with channel that you want to give a new button name, and click either the frequency column (preferred), or alternatively the text tag in the third (most specific) level of the system/group/channel hierarchy, to mark that single channel. (Clicking in other columns will instead mark groups of related channels.)

Note: the same works for bundles (groups of channels represented with a single button)

Note: If two channels in the same system/group have exactly the same text description in the channel name, clicking the channel name will mark both channels. In this case, use the frequency column to select the desired channel.

5) In the "actions on marked channels" drop-down, select the LABEL option.

6) A textbox will appear below the drop-down. Type the button name that you want for the channel into that box, and press enter

The new value will be shown in the Label column

7) Repeat if desired for more channels.

8) When complete, if you want to save the changes permanently, save the World

[FAQ-1105] Creating a Rangecast World (or saving changes to an existing World)

Rangecast Worlds can be created by any Rangecast user, and saved to a folder within their user account. The process is that a user loads an existing Rangecast world, makes changes in the player, and saves to their own user account. Once a World is created, any Rangecast user can access it (by name), but only the author can overwrite the existing World with changes. (Other users can save to a new World name.)

Note: As an alternative to using the Editor, the same process can be performed on either the Channels or Grid tabs (except for step 8). When relabeling buttons, you may use whichever tab is most convenient for your purposes.

* The Channels tab has more vertical space, making it easier to locate channels in the list, but the Label column is omitted so you cannot immediately see changes after they are made.

* The Grid tab represents all channels as buttons using these labels, so you can immediately see changes, but the detailed description of each channel (full name) is only visible my mousing over the button, so it may be harder to locate the buttons that you want to relabel.

* The Editor shows the most information about each channel (including full name and button name), and this is also where you must eventually save changes in step 8 to make the changes permanent. But the vertical space is limited here, making it harder to scroll through a long list of channels to find the channel you want to relabel.



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