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[FAQ-1132] Network Error (feed site error message)

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The Rangecast feed site sender software will display a red status box with the error message "Network Error" if the software cannot communicate with the Rangecast server. This may be due to a network problem, DNS error, or Rangecast service outage.


If this error appears, try opening a web browser on the same PC, and navigating to the following two URLs (note the difference in http:// and https:// prefix, so we are testing both standard and secure network communications):


If YES (both Rangecast websites load):

The problem may relate to communication with a particular Rangecast network service relating to your specific hub. Wait 10 minutes to see if the problem clears (network services are designed to restart automatically.)

If NO (at least one of these Rangecast websites does not load):

The browser's error message may give you more information about the problem. Try loading other websites, to see if the problem is an outage on your internet connection.

If you can connect to other websites (but not Rangecast), this may be due to any of these four causes:

a) corrupted internet options in Windows. Open Control Panel - Internet Services - Advanced and press "Restore Advanced Settings"

b) malware on the PC that redirects traffic intended for Rangecast to some other location (or otherwise interferes with normal internet activity)

c) an outage at the Rangecast server - these are rare, but have happened an average of perhaps once a year

d) a DNS problem that prevents the PC from knowing how to route network traffic to Rangecast. To test this, hover over the Windows start icon, and in the text entry box, type the command "cmd" (enter) as shown:

Then in the command box that opens, type "nslookup www.rangecast.com" (enter). You should see a screen like this:

The IP address shown may be different, depending on the Rangecast network configuration. But if there is an error message, that may indicate a problem completing a DNS lookup.

In our experience, when there has been a DNS problem, this has been due to a denial of service attack on the ISP that provides DNS service to Rangecast. During such an attack, the PC cannot determine how to send traffic to Rangecast. This is not an attack against Rangecast itself, but against an internet service that supports millions of internet domains, and we have no way to remedy the problem (but the DNS provider is aware of such denial of service attacks, and works to recover service.)




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