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[FAQ-1092] Format of PC identification (Location Note) on Configuration screen



A short name is associated with each PC, to help identify that PC within the a hub. The maximum length of a name is 16 characters. Recommended content includes (a) city location (e.g. 'Norfolk VA'), (b) facility (e.g. 'studio', 'tower'), (c) distinguishing features within a group of co-located scanners (e.g. 'VHF'), (d) if multiple PCs would be similarly described, a numerical ID (e.g. '2'). Care must be taken to ensure the text does not exceed 16 characters, as this is not enforced in the user interface. City names may often need to be abbreviated due to space constraints. For space efficiency, the name of the hub should generally not be included. This text is always reported along with the Rangecast ID of a sender (which includes the hub name), so text is only needed to supply additional information, such as a description of the geographical location or particular PC unit.


The note is carried forward into the Status Page, where alongside a status report for each sender operating on this PC, the note text identifying the PC is included to help with maintenance operations. This is so Rangecast Operations can describe the particular PC, in the event that the scanner or sender encounters problems requiring on-site maintenance.

In addition to on-site maintenance, this is also useful because it helps identify to Rangecast Operations which senders/scanners are operating on the same PC, information that may be helpful in diagnosing problems related to the PC.

The content (such as city name) provides very basic information about the PC's location and reception conditions that may not be known to persons unfamiliar with the installation.


This field is entered in the blue text entry box titled "Default Location Note" on the Rangecast configuration screen, which is accessed by starting Rangecast on a PC and pressing Configuration.

If the customer refers to feed sites by a location name, it is strongly recommended that this name be included in the PC note text, so Rangecast Operations can understand questions about PCs or feed sites when they are referred to by the customer's terminology.

After entering or changing this field, press Save Changes.




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