Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1077] Rangecast will clear some problems automatically - It may be best to wait 20 minutes.



Rangecast can clear certain problems within 20 minutes after detecting them. Before manually intervening, and possibly making things worse, it may be best to wait and see.


The Rangecast system is designed to be self-healing from many common problems. Although errors are generally reported quickly so you can be aware of performance and current operations, for many errors, it is often advisable to wait for 20 minutes and see if the problem corrects itself without intervention. If the cause of the problem is that some computer is temporarily offline (e.g while rebooting, undergoing maintenance, or subject to a temporary network outage), this allows time for the computer to recover and resume normal operations. Similarly, some aspects of the Rangecast system are designed to wait for a few minutes before attempting to automatically reconfigure or correct problems.


WAIT FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES to see if the problem has cleared automatically before attempting repairs through intervention.




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