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[FAQ-1057] How to fix Java player freeze problem by activating alternate audio routing.



Due to what appears to be a bug in the Java audio system, on occasion the Java audio system experiences extended freezes when requesting audio through certain network paths (as happens when requesting from a specific domain name). Rangecast audio is stored at Amazon, and normally obtained directly. We have the option of activating an alternate route, where a Rangecast server is used as a proxy between Amazon and the Java player. This option can be enabled/disabled on a hub's status page.


1. Access the status page for the hub where the user has an account. (For example, if the username is 'user@example', access the status page for hub 'example')

[FAQ-1056] About the Hub Status Page

Each hub has a web interface providing information about the hub's status, performance, content, and activity. In addition, the status page provides access to administrative control functions. Therefore, access to the status page is restricted to authorized administrators. The page for hub 'example' may be accessed from 'rangecast.com' by entering username '_server@example' and a valid password for Java user 'admin@example'.

2. Select 'advanced'

3. Find the control labeled "Audio proxy". The state will be reported as "on" or "off". Select the link to switch state ("disable" or "enable", respectively.)


This FAQ entry relates only to use of the Java player.



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